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 Furious Team Present VolcanoBox the Ultimate Chinese phone Tool

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PostSubject: Furious Team Present VolcanoBox the Ultimate Chinese phone Tool   Sun Feb 12, 2012 4:36 pm

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[center]Volcano Hardware Advantages

1.Digital resistance

achieves to pull up/down any resistor, this performs important role
when detecting USB definition. It can analyze the accurate resistance
value of USB D+ pinout thus to define USB definition precisely. At the
same time, the functions of analysis ear-pin, GND and VCC are accurate
too. Our box can detect phone connector GND and VCC accurately even
without power supply from clippers, which means to realize detection
and phone Read/Write possible when phone connector has VCC and GND
definition at the same time without clippers. This is exclusively on
Volcano. It’s impossible to collect and analyze analog data when there
is no digital resistance.

2. completely GND and VCC control functions

years of practice we found out that box would have problems of no GND
and VCC hardware design. Because many phones can’t work normally
without GND and VCC, especially for MSTAR cpu phones. If you cannot
find phone’s charger-pin accurately and set VCC definition to it, phone
will not respond to Read/Write operation at all. When setting higher
level to general SCM can only provide the current of 20 Ma. Firstly,
there is no way to find out phone charger-pin; secondly, even when you
know charger-pin and set it to higher level, phone will directly reduce
it because of heavy current, as a result, it fails to play the role of
higher level as well as abnormal of phone detection/read/write
operations. All these experience has been proved and tested over years.
Volcano’s upper panel controls phone connector GND and VCC, which
ensures phone to work normally and coordinate with box software
analysis to detect charger-pin accurately. This function can be used to
produce phone charger cable too. Other box can’t provide standing
current over 30Ma for they only have one PCB panel. MSTAR cpu phones
are difficult to achieve Read and Write on other boxes

3. set pull up/down to any pinout

can set any pinout up/down with a variable resistance value. Lots of
dead phones TX connector is OC portal, which means higher level is
open-collector, it will output lower level if you don’t set pull-up
resistor to TX. Volcano box controls flexible pull-up resistor value by
changing the resistance. For example, some OM cpu phones can’t
Read/Write normally if you do not set 5-10K pull-up resistor. Many
other phones can’t detect or Read/Write without this functions. This is
exclusively on Volcano and no other box has this function.

4. volcano box selects resistor value from390 ohm -800K
two pins with resistor function can realize phone enter downloading
mode, or other special purposes. This is exclusively on Volcano and no
other box has this function.

5. Eagle Eye
is used for measurements of Current. Its built-in Analog Metter and
digital. It can show you how much MILLIAMPERE Mobile using. This is
exclusively on Volcano and no other box has this function.

6. Internal powerful CPLD

internal powerful CPLD provides filtered signal output. All the high
frequency interference pulse has no access to phone nor to computer,
thus it ensures no wrong interference between phone and computer, to
make it work more stably. Meanwhile, CPLD also offers more powerful
driving ability as well as a wider range of voltage, making read/write
to a higher rate of success. It will be very worse if box has no CPLD
like read/write stability, immunity and driving ability etc.

7.better software and hardware protected design

ensures heavy output current from hardware design, but also guarantees
it will not burn-out box or phone. That is because instant software
current real-time monitoring as a watchdog protection, long time
protection of thermal relay and over current resistance protection
ensure the output current can be stabilized 500 Ma but never over
700Ma. Each pin has been designed for overvoltage protection and
negative pressure protection. This is exclusively on Volcano and no
other box has this function.

8. With a more reasonable USB pathway design

Volcano core IC on-resistance value is only 3 ohm while other box uses more than dozens of ohm. Excessive access
of resistance will inevitably cause phone USB work unstably or even
not work completely. Other box uses excessive resistance will not
support some phones read/write and this is confirmed by the practice

9. test battery

function is used to have schematics for making your own cables for
customers. For example, make chargers, earphone cables etc. This is
exclusively on Volcano and no other box has this function.

No hardware failure that make PC hang like Avator, Miracle or others!!!


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Furious Team Present VolcanoBox the Ultimate Chinese phone Tool

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