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 ***Gsmfinder Dongle version 3.0.1 released***

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PostSubject: ***Gsmfinder Dongle version 3.0.1 released***   Mon Feb 27, 2012 3:20 pm

***Gsmfinder Dongle version 3.0.1 Released***

NOTE: This setup supports XP, 2000,vista & 7

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What is New in Dongle version?

Code calculator;(unlock)
Alcatel modems :15 models ( All lock levels & All providers)
Alcatel X020S
Alcatel X030S
Alcatel X060S
Alcatel X070S
Alcatel X080S
Alcatel X090S
Alcatel X100x
Alcatel X200S
Alcatel X200x
Alcatel X210S
Alcatel X210x
Alcatel X215S
Alcatel X225L
Alcatel X225S
Alcatel X228L

TCL :15 models

Vodaphone: 5 models
Vodafone 551;
Vodafone 553;
Vodafone 945;
Vodafone 1230;
Vodafone 1231;

Addons & Changes ;

New setup support windows xp ,windows 2000,windows 7 (32&64bit)
After setup ftdi dll error fixed
prolfic interface bug fixed
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What we have till now ?
================================================== =======
Code tool:

Offline code calculator;
ZTE : 31 models supported
Huawei modem: 39 models supported
Alcatel: 32 models

Online code calculator;

Alcatel: 298 models with 31000+PIDS-(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Alcatel modems:15 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Amoi:2 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
BIOS Series:16 series -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Coral:5 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Huawei:63 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Orange:9 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Motorola:22 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
SFR: 25 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
TCL:15 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
TMN: 7 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
T-mobile:4 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Vodaphone:31 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Various:12 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
Zte :61 models -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-need credits)
================================================== =======
Finder tool:

IC compatibility: 13 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Lcd compatibility : 830 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
cables compatibility: 2038 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Battery compatibility: 1196 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
ASIC compatibility: 112 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Flex compatibility: 629 types -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
TACFAC brand & model: 26921 -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Help codes -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
================================================== ==========
Berry tool:

Unlock by mep :256 mep supported -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
Unlock by prd :8476 prd supported -(PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
Readinfo-MEP/PRD/SFI/APP -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Factory setting reset -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Engineering screen code calculator -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

================================================== ==========
Nk tool:

(Fbus)Sl1,Sl2,Sl3 SX4 Authorization - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
(USB)Read BCM Unique ID - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Sl1,SL2,SL3 SD Repair - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Simlock RPL - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)SL1,Sl2 Generate Nck code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(No cable)SL3 NCK Calculator(AfterBF) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Read PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Write PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Read full PM - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Read PM 120 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Read PM 308 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Read Ask - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Write rpl - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Counter reset (rapido) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)CHK - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Send NCK KEYB - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Send NCK F-bus - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB Reset security code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Read security code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Set full factory defaults - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus&USB)Reset Life timer - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(USB)Flashing Rap3g V3 - (PC-not support/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Flashing Rap3g V2 - (PC-not support/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus) Read unique id Rap3Gv2 -(PC-not supported yet/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus) Read unique id Rap3Gv3 -(PC-not supported yet/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus) Read unique id Rapido -(PC-not supported yet/DONGLE-no credits)

(Fbus)Read PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)write PM(from-to address) - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Read full PM - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Read PM 120 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Read PM 208 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Reset security code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(No cable)Generate mastercode DCT4 - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(No cable)Calculate Unlock code - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Write SL rpl DCT4++ - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Vibrator ON/OFF - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
(Fbus)Unlock RSA DCT4++ - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)
(No cable)DCT4 IMEI RPL - (PC-need credits/DONGLE-no credits)

BB5 & DCT4;
(Fbus&USB)Scan - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

================================================== ==========
Cdma tool:

Unlock - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Flashing - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

ZTE:1 model
Spunlock - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Readinfo - (PC/DONGLE-no credits)

Samsung:14 models
Unlock -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Rebuilt -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)
Flashing -(PC/DONGLE-no credits)

================================================== ==========
Support tool :

Login for flashfiles
Login for Credits
Distributer and Resseller list
================================================== ==========
Credits& activations :

Tab where user can see the status of activations and help
================================================== ==========
Supported interface :


Supported OS: Windows Xp,2000,vista and 7

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Thankyou for using Gsmfinder

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***Gsmfinder Official Distributers & Ressellers***

Gsm Finder Dongle & Credits Ready Distributer & Reseller Welcome

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***Gsmfinder Dongle version 3.0.1 released***

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