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 **********______BootBox__Update__13_APRIL_2012____ __*****************

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PostSubject: **********______BootBox__Update__13_APRIL_2012____ __*****************   Sat Apr 14, 2012 5:26 am

Friday 13-04-12 Again WorldFirst UPDATE

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Alcatel WordWide Number One Tool Ver: 4.0.2

Added New Firmware RC2 Security Unlocking By Calculator WorldFirst

Alcatel OT317D

Alcatel OT318D

Update Database With 18 providers:


OT-217 Provider: ALIT1;
OT-217 Provider: AVDO3;
OT-217 Provider: AVPE1;
OT-217 Provider: AVSV1;
OT-217 Provider: AVUY1;
OT-217 Provider: BAMA1;
OT-217 Provider: C9AC1;
OT-217 Provider: C9FA1;
OT-217 Provider: C9PC1;
OT-217 Provider: CECO1;
OT-217 Provider: CECO3;
OT-217 Provider: JDTO1;
OT-217 Provider: M9MZ1;
OT-217 Provider: MSRU1;
OT-217 Provider: RGAM3;
OT-217 Provider: RGTE5;
OT-217 Provider: TBNL1;
OT-217 Provider: VDFJ1;

Fixed Bug For Alcatel F122

Vodafone Infineon

Fast and safe Direct Unlock For :

Vodafone 255

ZTE-Qualcomm Tool Supported 2011 /2012 Firmware

New Version Added

ZTE F160 Build ID: MAR 13 201216:32:18APR 19 201108:00:00 MED_MA_P622F2V1.0.0B03

Nokia BB5 tool with available 321 phones models

NEM-4, NHL-10, NHL-2NA,NHL-8, NHM-10, RH-111, RH-125, RH-126, RH-129, RH-130, RH-131,

RH-51, RH-67, RHV-8, RM-1, RM-10, RM-100, RM-106, RM-112, RM-115, RM-122, RM-123,

RM-126, RM-128, RM-132, RM-133, RM-135, RM-140, RM-145, RM-146, RM-147, RM-149, RM-153,

RM-156, RM-157, RM-158, RM-159, RM-160, RM-164, RM-165, RM-170, RM-171, RM-174, RM-176,

RM-178, RM-179, RM-180, RM-181, RM-186, RM-187, RM-188, RM-194, RM-195, RM-198, RM-199,

RM-200, RM-207, RM-208, RM-209, RM-210, RM-216, RM-217, RM-222, RM-223, RM-227, RM-230,

RM-233, RM-235, RM-236, RM-237, RM-24, RM-240, RM-242, RM-243, RM-244, RM-245, RM-247,

RM-249, RM-25, RM-256, RM-257, RM-260, RM-264, RM-265, RM-268, RM-270, RM-271, RM-272,

RM-273, RM-274, RM-276, RM-277, RM-278, RM-279, RM-289, RM-297, RM-302, RM-303, RM-304,

RM-308, RM-310, RM-313, RM-314, RM-320, RM-321, RM-322, RM-323, RM-324, RM-325, RM-328,

RM-333, RM-334, RM-335, RM-337, RM-342, RM-343, RM-345, RM-346, RM-348, RM-349, RM-350,

RM-352, RM-354, RM-356, RM-357, RM-358, RM-359, RM-36, RM-364, RM-365, RM-366, RM-367,

RM-368, RM-378, RM-379, RM-38, RM-381, RM-386, RM-387, RM-396, RM-397, RM-398, RM-399,

RM-400, RM-407, RM-408, RM-409, RM-410, RM-411, RM-412, RM-413, RM-414, RM-415, RM-416,

RM-417, RM-419, RM-42, RM-420, RM-421, RM-422, RM-424, RM-425, RM-426, RM-427, RM-428,

RM-429, RM-43, RM-431, RM-432, RM-436, RM-437, RM-443, RM-449, RM-450, RM-451, RM-455,

RM-458, RM-462, RM-465, RM-469, RM-470, RM-472, RM-481, RM-482, RM-484, RM-485, RM-486,

RM-49, RM-491, RM-492, RM-493, RM-494, RM-495, RM-496, RM-497, RM-504, RM-505, RM-506,

RM-507, RM-509, RM-51, RM-510, RM-511, RM-518, RM-529, RM-530, RM-540, RM-547, RM-55,

RM-551, RM-552, RM-553, RM-555, RM-559, RM-56, RM-561, RM-564, RM-566, RM-57, RM-570,

RM-572, RM-573, RM-576, RM-577, RM-578, RM-579, RM-58, RM-582V, RM-584, RM-586, RM-588,

RM-593, RM-594, RM-596, RM-598, RM-599, RM-600, RM-601, RM-602, RM-604, RM-607, RM-608,

RM-609, RM-612, RM-614, RM-615, RM-618, RM-624, RM-625, RM-626, RM-627, RM-629, RM-632,

RM-634, RM-635, RM-638, RM-639, RM-640, RM-643, RM-644, RM-645, RM-647, RM-648, RM-653,

RM-658, RM-659, RM-662, RM-669, RM-67, RM-670, RM-675, RM-679, RM-681V,RM-682, RM-684,

RM-687, RM-688, RM-689, RM-691, RM-692, RM-693, RM-694, RM-697, RM-699, RM-70, RM-702,

RM-704, RM-707, RM-709, RM-713, RM-717, RM-718, RM-719, RM-721, RM-722, RM-724, RM-725,

RM-730, RM-732, RM-733, RM-744, RM-745, RM-750, RM-763, RM-769, RM-772, RM-774, RM-775,

RM-776, RM-779, RM-78, RM-79, RM-84, RM-86, RM-88, RM-89, RM-92, RM-99, RX-51,

RA-6, RA-7.


Flashing [ Almost Standart BB5 nokia in RAP/RAPIDO/BCM cpu]

Unlocking [ CP lock : SL1/SL2]

Unlocking [ Usercode / BB5/S40/S60/Infineon]

Unlocking [ Life timer]

Camera [ Read/Write : settings]

Read/write [ Product code] / [PhoneBook/RPL/PM/PP/PPM/]

Integrity PCB check for verificate damaded and normal PCB

Repair [ Sureprongle/ tune/ SX4 Local auth!]

features under test becouse this nokia software from defoult developed
is not by our team, we are fixed bug and update only.]

Stay Tuned


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**********______BootBox__Update__13_APRIL_2012____ __*****************

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