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 FREE Sim Unlock I9000 without code

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PostSubject: FREE Sim Unlock I9000 without code   Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:21 am

FREE Sim Unlock I9000 without code

Galaxy S Unlock

This app need:
Root + Busybox + Active internet connection.

Not work on Docomo, Docomo have nv_data rev 0.400, International Galaxy S have rev 0.800 and rev 1.500

Tested and worked on Galaxy S sold with android 2.2 in france all new GS sold with android 2.2 must use step 2 for 2.2.

Link to download:


For security, save your /efs folder

Step 1 save your /efs folder
Step 2 Unlock your phone in 60 seconds, black screen is normal(get the good step2 for phones sold on 2.1 or 2.2)
Step 3 Built .nv_data.bak (after restart)
And last choice restore /efs folder saved on step 1 if you have any problem.

This is not a final version, test at your risk

Unlock method is changed by only "change lock-bytes"
because minority phones have random signal problem and several users
delete the backup of efs folder and send me a message for help after


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FREE Sim Unlock I9000 without code

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